Paul Boermans


Welcome to the wonderful world of Paul Boermans. Fine Art Photography.

Educated at the Academy of Arts and Industry at Enschede, Paul Boermans (1948) studied photography and has worked in business communications for international companies. In 2010, he ventured on a new and unpaved path and he found his passion for creating his own photo works. In addition to his original abstract work in Aqua and Digital Tint, in his new series Fine Art Photography, he focuses on the theme Vulnerability.

He takes photographs of structures. The grain in the wood, the ripple in the water, cracks in a stone, a print in the sand, a fold in the dust. The detail of perfection is recorded in a photo image. His photo work is now more realistic and more thematic. He adds new elements to the structures. He photographs the person in his environment; fragile, sensitive, unbalanced, weak …
Digitally he balances the images; the perfection of the silenced structure and the vulnerability of the person. He combines the images, processes them and melts the different layers. For him, photography is a means and digital imaging can be a creative process with a struggle. Searching for the balance to shape the vulnerability. In his new series, ‘Sea View’ and ‘People’, he shows that vulnerability can also be powerful.