Marja Sterck


Biography Marja Sterck

Marja Sterck was born in Nijmegen in 1962. She lives and works in ‘s-Hertogenbosch since 1989. Marja graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg in 1988. She makes photo-art and has a fascination for this versatile medium. Marja encounters in everyday life, things she notices or that fascinate her, at a certain time, a certain place. Also, her work is evoked by people that are part of her daily life or by the natural surroundings that color her life. She doesn’t have a fixed theme however. She is mainly interested in researching and exploiting all possibilities of the medium photography. In this search two aspects stand out: the material of the photo and the use of light.

When printing her work she experiments with different kinds of paper. The increasingly hard to get barite is an example of that. The image seems to sink into the paper, the contrast between black and white is diminished and the paper pulls itself tightly around the frame, creating tension between the notions soft and hard. Other images are more suitable for an ink jet print on ‘ordinary’ paper. The surface then changes into a tactile, dusty surface. As if the image is lying on top of it. You are inclined to touch it with your fingers.
From the evolution of Sterck’s photographic work one can see how associatively she works. One technique evokes another one, one image almost logically leads to another. She continues to set herself new possibilities and challenges.