Daniel Castonguay


Daniel Castonguay is a street photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He was born in the town of Dolbeau, Quebec in 1965 and moved to Montreal in 1989. He started photography in 1979 as an extracurricular activity.

Living in a great city, he was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest moody form, he admits to be very audacious not necessarily following the rules surrounding this type of photography in the pure sense of its definition. Indeed, his post production work allows him to put the emphasis on the mood, the atmosphere he was in when shooting. In fact, he just brought his street photography to a fantasy level and this let him to not just display images but his state of mind as well.

To him, photography is a mode of expression in the same way as writing or playing music. Transmitting an emotion is the essence of his photographic work, bringing the viewer into a story that can literally be anything. More specifically, to make the viewer travel in a world of reverie leaving all the space to imagination.

As Daniel says, “ To me, street photography is more than a “ Picture making business “ , street photography is being part of a continuous theatrical sketch where I play the role of an observer “.