Anton Rijsdijk


Anton Rijsdijk is a hydrogeologist and works as a consultant in water supply in developing countries. He is also a maritime photographer with a special interest in shipwrecks. He loves adventurous travels and during his holidays you can find him on remote beaches or lonely islands trying to photograph forgotten shipwrecks.

In 2014 he published his book “On the Rocks” with pictures of shipwrecks all over the world (Yellow & Finch, 2014). Next to this, he had several expositions:

• May – June 2015 ” Fotofestivalnaarden”, Naarden
• November 2015 – March 2016: Appel theater, The Hague
• April 2017: DUNA atelier, Katwijk
• June 2015-june 2017, permanent member at the Goodman-Bell collection
• October 2017, permanent member at the Bell-Gallery collection

At present he studies at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam